What is tänzer?

tänzer is a minimalistic web server framework for Tcl which provides a very straightforward environment for writing HTTP/1.1 web applications. tänzer is a work in progress.


Asynchronous HTTP/1.1 web server
Pattern-based request routing engine
SCGI client and server support
CGI executable support
Fast static file service
Works out-of-the-box on Tcl 8.6
Writing asynchronous web applications shouldn't have to be complicated. Fortunately, tänzer is there to take you on a dance journey through the perils of keepalive requests, HTTP message parsing, and SCGI and CGI support. Writing "Hello, world!" with tänzer is a snap! And so is everything else you want to do. Write your app with tänzer today.

From zero to web service in no time flat!

~$ git clone http://tanzer.io/git/tanzer.git
package require tanzer set server [::tanzer::server new] $server route GET /* {.*:8080} apply { {event session args} { if {$event ne "write"} { return } $session response -new [::tanzer::response new 200 { Content-Type "text/plain" X-Foo "bar" }] $session response buffer "Hello, world!" $session respond $session nextRequest } } $server listen 8080
tänzer Don't let another framework stand in your way.