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tanzer::scgi::handler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 constructor opts
 open session
 encodeRequest session
 cleanup session
 close session
 read session data
 write session
- Public Member Functions inherited from tanzer::forwarder
 constructor args
 cleanup session
 open session
 close session
 pipe in sock session

Static Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

The SCGI client, implemented as a request handler.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tanzer::scgi::handler::constructor   opts  

The following values must be provided in a list of key-value pairs listed in $opts.

  • host

    The hostname or address of the SCGI service to dispatch requests to.

  • port

    The TCP port of the SCGI service to dispatch requests to.

  • name

    The name of the script that shall be identified to the service via the SCRIPT_NAME SCGI request parameter.

  • root

    The location of a document root that shall be identified to the service via the DOCUMENT_ROOT SCGI request parameter.

All inbound requests are transformed into an SCGI request as per the official SCGI protocol specificaton:

The response from the SCGI service is parsed into a tanzer::response message object, and sent by the session handler to the client. In all cases, this request handler shall forward request to the remote service, and response bodies from the SCGI service to the originating client.

Member Function Documentation

tanzer::scgi::handler::open   session  

Not meant to be called directly.

Given the session handler specified in $session, serialize the current request into an SCGI protocol request return value.

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