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tanzer::scgi::request Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for tanzer::scgi::request:
tanzer::request tanzer::message

Public Member Functions

 tokenize data
 store tokenizedHeaders
 parse varName
- Public Member Functions inherited from tanzer::request
 constructor newSession
 uri ?newUri?
 rewrite args
 param name args
 params ?newParams?
 env args
- Public Member Functions inherited from tanzer::message
 constructor args
 parse varName
 version args
 header name args
 headers ?newHeaders?
 headerExists name
 encodingAccepted encoding
 buffer data
 send sock

Static Public Attributes

- Static Public Attributes inherited from tanzer::message

Detailed Description

The facilities for providing SCGI services. Incrementally parses an inbound SCGI request, and decodes all request parameters into the appropriate HTTP message header values. Not meant to be used directly; but rather, SCGI service can be achieved in tanzer::server by choosing proto configuration value scgi rather than the default http.

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