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tanzer::date Namespace Reference


 leapYear year
 dayOfYear date
 new epoch
 scan timestamp
 rfc2616 date
 epoch date

Detailed Description

Date, time and calendar facilities and constants

Function Documentation

tanzer::date::dayOfYear   date  

Returns the number of days (starting with 1) into the year of the date object provided in $date.

tanzer::date::epoch   date  

Given the date object in $date, generate a Unix epoch timestamp.

tanzer::date::leapYear   year  

Returns true if $year is a leap year.

tanzer::date::new   epoch  

Given a Unix epoch timestamp in $epoch, return a new [dict] containing the following elements:

  • year
  • month
  • day
  • weekday

    A short string representation of the current day of week; one of the following:

    • Sun
    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Thu
    • Fri
    • Sat
  • hour
  • minute
  • second
tanzer::date::rfc2616   date  

Given the date object in $date, generate an RFC 2616 timestamp string.

tanzer::date::scan   timestamp  

Given an RFC 2616 timestamp in $timestamp, return a new date object as per tanzer::date::new.