Version 0.1
A very serious, industrial web framework in Tcl
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tanzer::uri Namespace Reference


 encode text
 decode text
 params query
 filter parts
 split uri
 join parts
 parts uri
 text parts
 up parts

Detailed Description

Provides a small set of URI parsing and processing functions.

Function Documentation

tanzer::uri::decode   text  

URI decode the data provided in $text and return a new string.

tanzer::uri::encode   text  

URI encode the data provided in $text and return a new string.

tanzer::uri::filter   parts  

Filter out unnecessary items from the list of path components provided in $parts.

The following modifications are made to the path:

  • Any .. components are resolved to one path component level up.
  • Any empty components are discarded.
tanzer::uri::join   parts  

Join the path components in $parts into a URI string.

tanzer::uri::params   query  

Extract parameters from the string provided in $query.

tanzer::uri::parts   uri  

Split $uri into parts, filtering out unnecessary components and URI decoding each along the way, returning the resulting set of path components.

tanzer::uri::split   uri  

Split and filter the path components of $uri, returning a path copmonent list.

tanzer::uri::text   parts  

Combine the path components in $parts, performing URL encoding of each part, and return a new string.

tanzer::uri::up   parts  

Determine and return the path one level up from $parts.